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Joint Release, 32 tablets


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Stay active. Nontoxic support for joint movement and mobility.


Adults and children two years and over chew one tablet twice daily for joint stiffness. Stop when symptoms improve.

Contains 32 non-toxic natural tablets, homeopathic ingredients:

  • Rhus Toxicodendron 12c

No drug interactions and can be used with other medication. Non drowsy.

“As a 70 year old I regularly suffer with pain tearing in my tendons and ligaments while bowling at my local club. My lady friend gave me the remains of a packet of your homeopathic medicine for joint movement and mobility and after chewing 2 tablets the pain gradually lifted along with tenderness above my knee joints. I now buy the product online for myself and others at the bowling club from your Australia distributor.”

Jack, Rockhampton QLD